Publisher’s code

  1. The most important we care about is the story and reader’s experience. Everything in our publishing house is in accordance with this rule.
  2. We only publish finished comics series or comic books.
  3. The chosen comic series will be published as whole with only one release date, for one price only, and in one or more books (depends on the length of the comic series and technological possibilities).
  4. What we publish is what we really stand for ("you won’t hear from us that we knew something was bad, but we had to publish it anyway and such").
  5. We don’t publish superhero comics (we are willing to make an exception here, but it must be something special and finished).
  6. We don’t publish "art book"-like comics with a very weak story or something that pretends to be a comics based on its art only.
  7. We don’t publish "artistic" comics which even the author himself doesn’t know what to say with it.
  8. We don’t publish manga.
  9. We don’t describe books with words like: "comics where The Lord of the Rings meets Blade Runner" and such.
  10. We care very deeply about the publishing process of the books.